Debit & ATM Cards

Debit Card 

Our MasterCard® Debit Card offers the ultimate in spending flexibility and purchasing power. Accepted everywhere MasterCard® is accepted, it works like a credit card; but when you make an online or in-store purchase, funds come directly from your Bank of Lake Mills checking account Bank of Lake Mills MasterCard® Debit Cards are also an ATM card, so you can get cash from your account just about any time you need.

Bank of Lake Mills Debit Cards have an EMV chip that helps reduce the risk of fraud at chip-enabled terminals. If a chip-activated terminal is available, you will be prompted to insert the chip end of your card into the terminal. If a merchant does not yet have a chip-activated terminal, you can always swipe your card. To learn more about EMV Chip Cards click here.

Prevent new purchases(1) with the ability to disable your Bank of Lake Mills Debit Card. If your card is lost or stolen, or you don’t plan to use it for some time, you can easily disable it through Online or Mobile Banking. You can enable your card if you have found it or when you are ready to use it again. Before you enable the card, if you think that it may have been compromised, please contact a Banker at 920-648-8336 or 920-206-9480.

Bank of Lake Mills offers instant issue debit cards! You can get a new or a replacement card at either branch location and have it activated immediately. 

Want to Change your PIN?:

Can't Remember Your PIN?

NOTIFY US OF YOUR TRAVEL PLANS OR FOREIGN PURCHASES! Are you planning a trip or making an online purchase overseas? Notify a Banker of your travel plans or foreign purchases to ensure continued access to your funds. 


ATM Card

A Bank of Lake Mills ATM Card is a PIN-based card where the funds come directly out of your Bank Lake Mills Savings account. ATM users have the ability to perform transactions and access their accounts at ATMs (a specific ATM or network may not perform or permit certain transactions). ATM Cards can also be used for point of sale transactions at participating merchants.

Bank of Lake Mills offers surcharge free ATMs for our Debit and ATM cardholders at both of our locations. Bank of Lake Mills also participates in the ATM Access Network, which means you can use your Bank of Lake Mills ATM or Debit Card at several hundred surcharge-free ATMs in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Just be sure to look for the “ATM Access” logo. See ATM Access Network brochure or visit for more details. You can also download the ATM Access App to your smartphone or mobile device. 


Debit and ATM Cards - Lost/Stolen/Fraudulent Charges

If your Bank of Lake Mills Debit or ATM Card has been lost or stolen, or you suspect fraudulent charges, it is important that you report the incident immediately to help ensure potential losses will be kept to a minimum.


Contact a Banker at 920-648-8336 or 920-206-9480 for more information about our Debit and ATM Cards. 


(1) When you disable your debit card, new purchases, cash advances, or balance transfers will not be authorized. However, some activity will continue, including bills that merchants mark as recurring, as well as returns, credits, dispute adjustments, payments, and certain other exempted transactions.